Holistic Teacher Training

The Yoga Den yoga school is for anyone who wants to learn more about their bodies, their practice and their untapped potential. Yoga Alliance Certified
For or any and all teacher training information please email Brian teachertraininginfo@yogadenhealthspa.com

Bring doTerra Essential Oils into Your Home

Kreative Karma Workshop with James Woods aka Dat Yoga Dude
Saturday, April 18th

Do you have a book idea? A crafting project? Want to discover your artist? Want to add something new to your home or life? As you unleash your creative wild through the opening of your mind body and spirit, Kreative Karma will help you tap into your own source to express your inner creativity and focus.

New Lil Yogis ( AKA Mommy & Me) with Paola
Monday at 11:15AM

Mommy and Baby/Toddler simple yoga poses, singing, dancing, and rhymes in a repetitive nature, so that babies and toddlers are able to participate. Ages 0-3 years. (45min.)

Kirtan with Jaya Lakshmi & Ananda
with the Saraswati Dream Band

Wednesday, May 20th 6:30PM - 9:00PM
Jaya Lakshmi & Ananda with the Saraswati Dream Band 

come together as one for this transforming evening of sacred music and vibration from the heart to the heart - the practice of kirtan. Kirtan is the devotional singing from the Bhakti (Yoga of the Heart) tradition of Indian saints done in an ecstatic and meditative call and response style. Singing and dancing have long been sacred healing practices to awaken the life force, connect us to spirit and embody an ecstatic connection to the Divine force that sustains all life.

Organic Esthetics

Alleviate stress and achieve a higher sense of well being. Esthetics is the application of various treatments to the skin, to maintain its health and vitality. Our Estheticians are trained in skin wellness, to help you balance oil and moisture content and achieve a healthy, youthful complexion. We offer a variety of products and services each especially designed to fit your needs and skin type.

Check Out Our 75 Min. AiReal: Hammock Therapy

Thursday at 9:30AM with Leeza
Saturday at 8:00AM with Leeza

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is widely known for its relaxation benefits, relieving muscle pain, increasing blood flow and simply making your entire body feel good. We’ve also discovered that massage aids in helping various disorders such as fibromyalgia, sports injuries, anxiety, and depression.

Energy Healing

Yoga Den Health Spa wants to introduce you the newest member of our team: Githanjaly Pimentel, known as Gita, which is committed to help you to obtain healing, wellbeing and success in all your life’s areas. She is a passionate master teacher of energy healing courses, a coach, holistic healer, and motivational speaker that have been trained by renowned professionals from the holistic and personal development fields in her native country Venezuela, as well as in US, Mexico and India. She has the privilege to be 1 of the 16 people in the world authorized to train workshop leaders in the Louise Hay’s philosophy. Her skills as journalist now serve to her mission of life: She host and co-produce the TV Show Sana Tu Vida (Heal Your Life) by IntiNetworkTV, she writes articles in several media and is the co-author of the Amazon Bestseller “Women Living Consciously”.

New Classes On the Schedule

Monday 11:00AM Lil Yogis aka Mommy & Me with Paola
Monday 12:00PM Yogalates with Marina
Tuesday 6:00AM Morning Glory Vinyasa Flow with James
Thursday 8:30AM Prime of Life Yoga with Karen
Thursday 3:30PM Yoga Basics with Louise
Friday 4:45PM Gentle Yoga Therapy with Brenda
Friday 6:00PM Yoga Level 1 with Carlos
Saturday 11:15AM Spanglish Gentle Yoga Therapy with Marina
Sunday 5:45PM Serenity Yoga with Sam



“Abundance is your birthright, step into it now.”

Experience Dynamic Classes

Be inspired by the ability to consciously move, breathe, flow, strengthen, sweat, feel, Love, embrace and forgive.

Teacher Training & Beyond

Beginning to advanced yoga study\’s for anyone who desires to be a yoga instructor, improve your life & the life of others.

Reach More with Workshops

Yoga is more than your Asana practice. Advance yourself on and off the mat with our variety of wellness workshops.



Be entertained. Express yourself. Expand your horizon. Receive guidance.
“You have it all with our alternative events .”


Eat, love and be entertained.
Enjoy our concerts, parties and other recreations.

Belly Dance

Rejuvenate your inner goddess and shimmy
your way into bliss with bellydance class.



"Coming from NYC I was very pleased to find the Yoga Den. Leeza Villagomez is by far the most gifted and intuitively talented yoga instructors that I have come across. I am very happy to be a part of her Yoga Den community."

− Jennifer L.

"Yoga Den Health Spa is the best thing thing that could have ever happened to yoga in Corona! Great classes and teachers, were you can find more than Just Yoga, there's acupuncture and massage, aromatherapy, concerts, workshops and specially events. Best of all there's a warm familial environment. My home away from home."

− Sehu A.

"The most beautiful yoga studio in the ie, oc and la!"

− Crissy M.

"Muchas gracias Yoga Den! Te amo"

− E C.

"Namaste Yoga Den! Thank you for having this healing yoga studio."

− Ursula J.

"Leeza is beautiful, talented, and an amazing healer. She has taught my fellow yogi's and I so many skills that no other teacher I have encountered can! This studio is worth going to at least once. :)"

− Cristina B.

"Best Yoga! Best Acupuncture & Best Staff!!"

− Humberto M.

"By far Best Yoga Studio!"

− John H.

"People are always curious as to 'what else I do' to 'work out' other than yoga. The answer? Nothing! Yoga is everything my body needs to function at it's absolute best. And the place is The Yoga Den at it's absolute best!"

− Pablo M.

"Been going to the Yoga Den for 2.5 years - and it is the best. My family loves me more for going to class here a few times a week."

− Hope C.

"They have kids classes!"

− Charles D.

"Their Acupuncture is the best!"

− Quintrecia L.

"Look no further for Corona's best."

− Francine S.

"Yoga Den is the place to be!"

− Jasmine T.

"The yoga spot with the best music! YOU MUST EXPERIENCE IT!"

− Jermaine J.

"Look no further for the best yoga spot there is!"

− Christopher S.

"Mmm... Yoga with extra toppings! Yoga Den is for the win."

− Sharif M.

"These great people offer more than just yoga. They offer their unfiltered love."

− Ammiel P.

"Yoga Den offers more than just yoga. Its has a suite of services that one can make use of in every aspect of their lives. Its second home."

− David P.

"This is where all the yoga trainers train, so it's gotta be great! ?"

− Linda B.

"Simply the BEST Yoga Studio!"

− Mark M.

"I find healing in every contact I make at the Yoga Den. The yoga teachers classes are the best in the area and the healing staff is magical. Well rounded place to be a member."

− H V.

"The space is energized by the staff, the teachers, the healers and the other members. It is a Center for true Life Changes in Body, Mind and Spirit. The Teacher Training is awesome and dives into some life changing aspects. It is Life Coaching, self help, at it's best."

− J V.

"Tuesday meditation followed be soul sweat...appropriate."

− Solomon S.

"A place of love, and filled with kindness, authenticity, and support. Not just a place, a space filled with such beautiful energy, and people- teachers, staff, and visitors. Always walking out with a smile :)"

− Celia W.

"Leeza and the Yoga Den changed my life!!! I was on the verge of spinal fusion surgery when I met Leeza and 3 years later WITHOUT surgery my low back pain is gone!!!!! Yoga will change your life if you let it!!!!"

− Lisa R.

"I have taken yoga classes in India, Yoga Den keeps the essence of the yoga, and I feel I am in an India class. Also they bring all the new updates techniques around the world. They have all in one place!"

− Gita P.

"The people in this studio are wonderful!"

− Vicky V.

"Great location, great staff!"

− Antonio V.

"Very friendly, outgoing and caring staff! And they have a great accupuncturist!"

− Victoria V.

"It's my home away from home!!"

− Iliana M.

"This is where my mommy finds her zen."

− Tobi B.

"The gratitude and grace the over flows through you when you arrive at the Yoga Den is like nothing else."

− Yvette M.

"Gods grace dwells in this studio."

− Robert S.

"Love my Aunt Leeza and the Yoga Den!"

− Jordann T.

"I took my first yoga class at the Den and it was a Great experience..."

− Joe S.

"The yoga den offers a wide variety of class and social activities. We love it!"

− Cara W.

"This is the best YOGA studio in town!!"

− Lindsey N.

"I have being exercising Yoga since the last 10 months and it literally change my life. LOVE this place and will recommend it over several ones across CA. Namaste, Armando"

− Armando L.

"The most amazing instructors are at the Yoga Den."

− Alycia B.

"Love Saturday mornings with Leeza"

− Casey W.

"you haven't practiced until you have been to the Yoga Den"

− Kyle W.

"I am very grateful for Yoga den:)"

− Sonia A.

"Home away from Home!"

− Liz D.

"I Love the Yoga Den and everyone there!"

− Kimberly G.

"The gentle yoga is my favorite."

− Gladis B.

"Love the 9:30 am across the board classes!!"

− Barton A.

"Just took Monday night yoga with most amazing group of people....wow!!! ty yoga den."

− Jordann T.

"Absolutely love the teachers at the Yoga Den!"

− Elizabeth S.

"Thank you Yoga Den for giving me back my mind, body and soul"

− Kimberly A.

"This is a space of joy and I have experience infinite peace and my teacher is like a spiritual guide for us. I hope many people can find Yoga as a tool to find their sun inside and learn how to be happy here and now."

− Liliana B.

"I'm the mayor and this place rocks!"

− Katherine F.

"A place of love, healing and transformation."

− Samantha B.

"All classes are amazing and its easy to start feeling a part of the Yoga Den family. Everyone is very welcoming and I am definitely addicted to the Yoga Den!!"

− Lindsay P.

"Best place by far! Tons of classes, hospitality, well trained teachers, and lots of love!"

− Mandy B.

"My Love to the Den Mother Leeza , thanks for all the love and spiritual centering you and the staff give me. Not to mention the out of this world Vegan salads you make for us after class ;) you are by far my #1 Yoga Den"

− Delana C.

"My golf game and other activities have improved significantly. The health workshops and the acupuncture are life changing and now a vital part of my life. Feel 10 years younger."

− J V.

"Why go anywhere else, the energy at the Yoga Den is like being in West LA or NY."

− H V.

"Attending class is more than just yoga, it is a spiritual reflection while you are getting your asana's kicked by the instructors. Great work shops and concerts as well."

− investvilla

"Everything is so relaxing :) The yoga, the people, even the building!!!"

− Emily J.

"I haven't been to the other studios...Yoga Den gives me the fix I need..."

− David L.

"Yoga Den is peace..."

− Xenia V.

"My 'home' away from home!"

− Kimberly G.

"Leeza is amazing! I love her contagious energy and wonderful spirit."

− Jenee D.

"My home away from home. Love the Yoga Den."

− Verna M.

"Yoga Den is the THE best yoga studio in the IE, I walk out of there feeling the best i have ever felt inside and out"

− Lavonne S.

"If you haven't been there, it's okay : ) but hurry there's still time for you. The Yoga Den is getting ready to rocket to the moon! Don't get left behind ..."

− Hector S.

"I am so lucky to be a member of the yoga den. Leeza is awesome and all the instructors care so much about each student!"

− Micky R.

"The best and the finest : ) A one-of-a-kind place of peace and rejuvenation here in Corona... thank you Yoga Den for all that you do! Come be a part of the family:)"

− Isabel C.

"This is not only the BEST Yoga Studio in Southern California; they are the best wellness studio in Southern California"

− Mark M.

"I love it here!!!!!!"

− Rhonda K.

"Wait all week to get here. Leave work early to get here. Enjoy it that much!!"

− Lise W.

"Yoga Den is the real deal, if you haven't been you're missing out!"

− Sara L.

"Each workout is an amazing experience with my Abba."

− Tami D.

"I enjoy the studio, the teachers, and the cleanliness...very friendly environment...it kicks asana!"

− Manuel O.

"An atmosphere of family and support. Perfect for any yogi."

− Janet V.

"Discounts offered for various categories... Yet it's a great value at any price! Warm, inviting, friendly atmosphere greets you the moment you enter. Very welcoming. Newbies and experienced both feel comfortable there, and are treated with respect and care."

− Solomon S.


Yoga Den Health Spa | 1035 Montecito Drive, Corona, CA, 92879 | 951-279-9642